Monday, March 31, 2014

Citizen Journalists are essential to the ever-changing news industry

Greetings from Mobile Generated News® MoGN!

The journalism industry is ever-changing, and you, the citizen journalist, are at the nucleus of it. Many people receive their news on their smartphones and tablets and seldom have the time to watch a full newscast on their televisions.

The Mobile Generated News App enables the community of Citizen Journalists to interact with and help make the news process a success. Information, video, and pictures gathered that truly reflect the community’s beliefs and ideas is essential to this 24-hour news cycle.

Citizen Journalists can be found in all shapes and sizes and in all parts of the world. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and you can be a Citizen Journalist. We believe that news is happening all around us and the best method to cover it all is to have Citizen Journalists that can easily and efficiently contribute to the news cycle.

At Mobile Generated News®, we want news consumers to be able to interact with local media for free. We believe that contributing to the news cycle is essential to our democracy. Most often, viewers do not get to control what they see on the news. Now, the MoGN App enables news enthusiasts to have a say in the content they see on their televisions, web sites and newspapers. We are trying to enhance the human experience when it comes to news. Download the Mobile Generated News App and become a Citizen Journalist! If you are out and about and see news, weather or sports happening, send in your Breaking News. If you have a story or opinion that’s worth sharing, record it and send it in as well!

Search for Mobile Generated News in the Apple App Store. And, you will see all of our related affiliate Apps.

The Univision-Mobile Generated News Apps were just released. In addition, you will find the Mobile Generated News App for Nationwide coverage; Entravision-Mobile Generated News App and Serestar-Mobile Generated News App.

All of the MoGN Apps are currently available in English and Spanish with French language coming soon!

And, stay tuned for new affiliates joining the Mobile Generated News® Network team in 2014. Start contributing today!

Remember, if it is newsworthy, we will post it nationwide and you will see it on the MoGN "Newsfeed" distributed to Broadcast Stations, Newspapers, Web Sites and news organizations across the United States and soon around the World.

Mobile Generated News®. Mobile News. Global Views.

─Andrew Kallick, Mobile Generated News®, Los Angeles

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  1. I'm loving the MoGN App! I feel like a journalist on the hunt for breaking news!