Wednesday, March 23, 2016

‘Star Wars’ Just Ruined Your Holiday to Dubrovnik
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  • Dubrovnik mayor lures film industry to boost tax revenue
  • `Star Wars,' `Game of Thrones' crowds out historic city
With Dubrovnik’s medieval promenade choked with floodlights, camera booms and a downed spaceship parked against a stone pillar, Desiree and Roger Hamilton had to dine in a more mundane corner of the 1,400-year-old city.
Walt Disney Co. was filming the eighth installment of the “Star Wars” series in the center of the Croatian port, which also has played King’s Landing in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” For a week this month, visitors were shunted off the Stradun, the central avenue of stone houses, as stagehands lugged blue crates on cobbled walkways and electricians snaked thick cables past outdoor cafes on the Mediterranean squares.
“The city looks like a stage in Disneyland, and it would be devastating if it becomes just that -- a stage,” said Desiree Hamilton, after she and her husband, both Britons living in Pennsylvania, gulped down a bland tourist meal in the cramped bistro. “It’s been spoiled by the movie shooting. It certainly spoils it for tourists who want to see the city.”

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