Friday, March 11, 2016

Would You Pay $50 to Watch Movies at Home on Release Day?
 PC Magazine
 By Angela Moscaritolo   March 10, 2016 12:18pm EST
A new start-up backed by Internet mogul Sean Parker aims to make this a reality. 
How much would you pay to be able to watch the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — or any new movie — from the comfort of home, the same day it's released in theaters?
A new start-up backed by Internet mogul Sean Parker, best known as the dude who co-founded Napster, aims to make this a reality. According to Variety, the company — dubbed Screening Room — makes "secure anti-piracy technology that will offer new releases in the home on the same day they hit theaters."
This privilege will, of course, come at a price. Variety's sources say Screening Room will charge $150 for a set-top box capable of transmitting these new releases to your screen, and then $50 a pop every time you want to watch one.

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