Monday, May 23, 2016


"Shiva" - Fear the Walking Dead's midseason finale - interestingly wound up splitting up our group of survivors into three different factions by the end. An intriguing move going forward and one that lets us keep the yacht while also being able to follow some land-based adventures as we enter the back half of the season. A move that almost makes up for the Walking Dead cliche of quickly ruining a safe haven within hours of arriving. Something that our ragtag troupe of heroes very much has in common with Rick and his crew over on the original series.
Because yeah, Celia's compound got burned to a crip by the end of this one. Compliments of a deranged Daniel who - seemingly out of nowhere - had gone bats*** mad. I don't know what I mourn more: the loss of Daniel overall or the rushed feeling to his show exit. Because while we knew he was haunted, his "oddness" didn't really grab hold until last week when everyone arrived in Mexico and he started clashing with Celia. Then, this week, there was a huge jump with regards to his failing psychological state. A massive leap in dementia. And all we really got as a set up for it was the nightmare he had at the top of the episode.
Rubén Blades performance was actually great this week, but that doesn't change the fact that Daniel imploded way too fast. It felt unnatural, as though the show was trying to service the plot (which required a burning compound) than the character himself.

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