Wednesday, May 18, 2016

That strange ‘Castle’ finale proves the downside of leaving a TV show in limbo

Then, text flashed across the screen: “SEVEN YEARS LATER.” Cut to: Three adorable children running around, and Castle and Beckett beaming at each other at a kitchen table as their little family happily eats breakfast. “Every writer needs inspiration, and I found mine,” the mystery novelist Castle intoned via voiceover, using a line from the show’s opening. “Always,” Beckett’s voiceover said. “Always,” echoed Castle.
And that was the end. Technically, the brief scene met the requirements of a satisfying ending, and many fans were happy. After all, Castle and Beckett lived happily ever after. Yet in the aftermath, many viewers weren’t thrilled. The scene was so obviously tacked on at the last minute that it just felt clunky. There wasn’t even time for real dialogue.

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