Thursday, June 9, 2016

Russian 'Rambo' who wiped out ISIS thugs by calling airstrike on HIMSELF is buried in extravagant funeral


Aleksandr Prokhorenko, 25, who called an airstrike on himself as ISIS thugs closed in, was laid to rest in a blaze of publicity and pomp, with the Kremlin allowing blanket TV coverage for 25-year-old Alexander Prokhorenko's burial

Vladimir Putin's all-female 'miniskirt army' display their strength in sexist military parade

Watch footage of macho leader's women troops sporting knee-high black boots and starched white uniforms - several inches above the knee

Russian president Vladimir Putin unleashed his 'miniskirt army' for the world to see in a sexist military parade that will likely stun its enemies.

High-ranking official arrested after police find secret tunnel under his house leading to treasure trove

Cash, gold ingots, jewellery and vast sums of cash discovered in raid on home of Nikolay Romanchuk, the deputy head of Ukraine's Mykolaiv Oblast region 

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