Friday, June 17, 2016

Donald Trump calls her ‘Crooked Hillary,’ but his fans just say ‘b----’

 As thousands of Donald Trump supporters streamed out of an evening rally here this week, they walked past a handful of vendors from Ohio selling simple white T-shirts featuring Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and a vulgar joke. The back of the shirts read: “TRUMP THAT B----!”
One woman laughed and said to the man with her: “You have to get one!” A group of four middle-aged women pulled out their wallets and tried to bargain the vendors down from $20. One of the vendors shouted again and again: “Trump that b----! Trump that b----!” A guy walking past responded: “That’s right!”
“I’m a pretty blunt person, so it’s kind of how I feel about things,” said Amanda Feather, a 35-year-old mother of six who is a property manager in Asheboro, N.C., and bought one of the T-shirts before attending the rally with her husband and two young daughters. “I think coming from Trump it would probably be inappropriate. From a voter’s point of view, I think we have the right. . . . If that’s how we feel, we should have the right to say it. And I would tell it to her face if she walked up. That’s how I feel about her.”
At most of Trump’s rallies, there is a palpable hatred of Clinton in the air, and some of Trump’s strongest applause lines come when he attacks the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, calling her “crooked” and accusing her of playing “the woman’s card.”

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