Friday, June 24, 2016

'Europe will fall very soon': Now even MEPs say EU will CRUMBLE within five years after shock Brexit result

  • Sweden, Germany, Italy and France all under pressure to hold referendums
  • Brexit vote will cause a 'domino effect' - 'it is just a matter of time'
  • Right wing parties claim European wide support for EU break up
  • Shocked Eurocrats went to bed fearing the 'scrapheap' by morning

As dawn broke over a shocked Brussels, a group of European MEPs warned that last night's astonishing Brexit vote will cause the EU to ‘crumble to pieces’ within the next five years.
Their statement came as Britain voted to leave the EU, contrary to all projections by pollsters, to the bewilderment of the Eurocrats in Brussels.
'This is the beginning of the end for the EU,' Peter Lundgren, an MEP from the far-Right Sweden Democrat party, told MailOnline. 'So many other countries will follow the UK. Europe will fall.'

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