Wednesday, June 22, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Rumsfeld says he'll vote for Trump – 'It's not a close call!' – as 9/11-era defense secretary says Hillary Clinton 'would probably be indicted' over emails if she were a soldier or sailor 

  • Rumsfeld tells that he will vote for the Republicans' presumptive nominee because he's a 'known unknown' and Hillary Clinton is a 'known known'
  • 9/11-era defense secretary is one of the most senior Republican figures to come out publicly for Trump
  • He says Hillary Clinton isn't qualified to sit in the Oval Office, and 'would probably be indicted' over her emails if she were a junior military grunt
  • Trump launched an all-out attack on Hillary Clinton on Wednesday at a speech in New York in which he lambasted her as a 'world-class liar' 
  • Rumsfeld spoke in an interview while promoting his Android 'Churchill Solitaire' app, which recreates Winston Churchill's favorite card game

VIDEO: Donald Rumsfeld Supports Donald Trump - On The Record

Published on Jun 22, 2016

Donald Rumsfeld Supports Donald Trump - On The Record

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