Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Secret Service agent tells how Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were caught having sex on Oval Office desk

  • Ex-Secret Service officer Gary Byre was posted outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office in 1990s and writes about what he saw in bombshell book
  • Clinton's intern Monica Lewinsky had special access to the Oval Office for at least two years 
  • Agents witnessed Bill and Monica 'embracing, making out, or on the Oval Office Desk' 
  • Byrne was incensed to learn that Monica had Bill's 'secret number' – 'so secret that it required not only a four-digit pass code 
  • 'You had to depress keys for a specific length of time and there were precise pauses between numbers,' Byrne explains
  • After Byrne complained, Monica was transferred to the East Executive Building and wwas a Social Office intern under Hillary
  • But Clinton worked his magic to get Monica, 'the Blue Pass Princess,' back in his arms
  • The book release comes a month before the Democratic convention  

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