It’s best to clear up one thing first, if you’re a U.S. citizen: Cuba is not the new Aruba or Montego Bay.
Congress has prohibited American tourists from visiting what John F. Kennedy once called “that imprisoned island” since 1960, and the resumption of commercial air service won’t soon change that. A Cuba trip requires that your reason for travel aligns with one of a dozen permitted categories of activities that the U.S. Treasury Department has outlined as part of the gradual easing of travel restrictions.
Hurdles or not, plenty of Americans are likely to hop a plane to see an island that’s been verboten for decades, mixing wanderlust with the allure of the unknown. But before U.S. travelers can start cursing spotty Cuban Wi-Fi, they’ll need to run a modest regulatory gauntlet, from satisfying the proper travel category to obtaining visas and health insurance, plus sorting out whether a U.S. bank-issued credit card or debit card even works there.

Justin Bieber was reportedly offered $5 million to perform at the RNC, but turned it down

   Justin Bieber rejected the Republican National Convention.
TMZ reports that the singer was offered $5 million by the RNC to perform at the convention nominating Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president.
But Bieber ultimately turned down the offer, after his manager considered quitting over the potential gig and LeBron James urged Bieber to stay away from the convention, according to the site.
It would've been a windfall for an apparent 45-minute show, and according to TMZ's sources connected to CAA (Bieber's talent agency), the promoter for the event assured Bieber's team the performance was "not political." But Bieber's manager Scooter Braun and CAA felt differently.
Braun is a supporter of Hillary Clinton and reportedly said he would quit if Bieber did the show, as he believed "the GOP was using Bieber as its tool."