Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Van Gogh cut off his whole ear instead of just the lobe and gave it to a brothel maid, new research finds

It is arguably the best-known story in the history of art: Vincent van Gogh lops off part of his ear in a moment of insanity and drops it off at a brothel.
The facts behind how the artist mutilated himself and what happened next can now be told for the first time, according to experts, after crucial medical evidence was discovered.
A letter from Van Gogh’s doctor, Felix Rey, reveals that the painter  did not remove just a section of his ear, after all, but severed it entirely.

UK Mail reprints Vincen's doctor note

Mystery of Van Gogh's ear revealed: Doctor's note shows he severed his ENTIRE lobe – and he sent it to a cleaner, not a prostitute 

  • New unearthed documents have cleared up one of art's biggest mysteries
  • Vincent Van Gogh chopped off almost all of his ear in 1888 after breakdown
  • He gave severed body part to a cleaner, Gabrielle, not Rachel the prostitute
  • Research by Bernadette Murphy, 58, conducted on a whim after Alres visit 

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